About Perspective

Perspective is the digital edition of the newspaper of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa (ADO), published as the monthly print publication Crosstalk and delivered to Anglicans throughout the diocese as a supplement of the national newspaper the Anglican Journal (10 issues per year with a publication break in July and August).

Perspective and Crosstalk acknowledge that we publish on traditional Anishinàbeg Algonquin territory. We recognize the Algonquins as the customary keepers and defenders of the Ottawa River Watershed and its tributaries.

The goals of both our digital and print publications are to:

  • Publish news related to the ADO and to connect Anglicans throughout the diocese.
  • Share stories of the ways in which individual Anglicans, parishes, Anglican Community Ministries and the diocesan church as a whole are expressing the love of God through worship and serving their neighbours and communities.
  • Offer reflections on faith from our bishop, clergy, columnists and guest writers.
  • Convey news and stories about the Anglican church to non-Anglican readers, thus helping to raise awareness and the profile of the church and its ministries in the wider community.
  • Share stories from the ADO with other Anglican dioceses across the country through the network of online diocesan newspapers.


Perspective is a publication of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa.

Publisher: The Rt. Rev. Shane Parker, Bishop of Ottawa

Editor: Leigh Anne Williams



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Perspective and Crosstalk welcome advertising from parishes, agencies and enterprises wanting to support our mission and reach our readers. Publication does not imply endorsement by the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa (ADO) or any of its principals. Perspective and Crosstalk reserve the right to decline advertisements.

Advertising enquiries should be directed to [email protected]


Our History

The Ottawa Diocesan News began in 1948 as a four-page newspaper published twice a year delivered wrapped around the Canadian Churchman (the forerunner of today’s Anglican Journal). The first editor was the Rev. Llewellyn Graham.

In Feb. 1978, it was renamed Crosstalk. Under that name and leadership of several bishops and editors, the newspaper won numerous awards from the Canadian Church Press (now renamed the Canadian Christian Communicators Association) while continuing in its mission to serve the people of the diocese as an important way to share news and stories.

Crosstalk has been available online in the form of a PDF digital copy of the print issues for many years now, and 2024 marked the official launch of Perspective. The new online edition which will allow time-sensitive articles to be promptly published online, independent of the schedule of monthly print issues. It will also make it easy to share stories via social media and for readers to share articles with their friends.



If you have a tip about news in the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa or an idea for a submission to Perspective and Crosstalk, please contact the editor:

Leigh Anne Williams

[email protected]

71 Bronson Ave.

Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6G6

(613) 232-7124

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