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By on January 1, 2021

Dear friends,

These long months of dealing with COVID-19 have been a brand-new experience for all of us. Easter, summer holidays, Thanksgiving and now Christmas have come and gone and each time, we were hoping we would be back to normal. The isolation, distancing, wearing of masks and washing of hands, have forced all of us to adapt. These things have become part of the “new normal” we are incorporating into our lives!

The “new normal” for all of us in the parishes we have yet to experience! I know that many groups still have bale materials ready for packing from last April and May. We are praying that perhaps by this coming spring we will be able to pack our bales for our friends in the North. So, with the January sales upon us, feel free to check out the bargains and keep up with the news from Leslie and me!!! (We will surely know by January if we can go ahead.)

At the executive level, our financial arrangements have also changed. As you will remember, the Diocesan Executive was formally disbanded at the annual meeting in 2017. Consequently, Anglican Church Women of the Diocese of Ottawa is no longer considered a registered charity. In order for people in your group to receive tax receipts for donations, they would have to go through your parish treasurer. As a result, our bank account has been closed and the monies transferred to the Consolidated Trust Fund of the Diocese. It is still ACW money, and our designated officers, currently Marni and Leslie, can deposit it and access it through the Synod office, so we can continue to send bales to the North.

Many of you will remember that our long-time bales co-ordinator, Evelyn Presley, sadly died in the spring of 2018. Evelyn loved this work, being in touch with the clergy and the people in the North, preparing the list of needed goods and planning for our bale packing days. In her will, Evelyn had left the Diocesan ACW a wonderful gift of almost $15,000. We have decided to honour Evelyn’s legacy by using it for the people and ministries in the Diocese of the Arctic. In discussions with the three bishops of the Arctic, it was decided that these monies would be sent directly to their Discretionary Fund, to be used as needed. Perhaps as a bursary for the ATTS training school, perhaps as funding northern travel, perhaps as emergency food and lodging for overcrowded families during this pandemic, we know God will honour Evelyn’s gift of love.

As we close this note, Leslie and I want you all to know that we are committed to supporting each group, and we will keep you up to date with any news. Don’t forget to send the contact name and email for your group to [email protected]

Marni Crossley – [email protected] ; 613-234-5833
Leslie Worden  – [email protected] ;   613-747-2197                                     


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