Anglican Foundation celebrating ACW support of Northern Clergy Housing Fund

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“There has never been a swifter or more generous response to the establishment of a new fund than the ACW Council of the North Retired Clergy Fund to provide financial support for housing and living expenses to retired non-stipendiary clergy in the Council of the North,” according to Dr. Scott Brubacher, executive director of the Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC).

By the end of 2022, more than $257,000 had been donated. Using funds from the sale of a property, “the Diocese of New Westminster ACW provided $100,000 this past spring to launch the fund. Other ACWs across Canada then took up the challenge to do their part as well. And then an incredible $150,000 arrived in early December as a memorial gift, from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous,” says Brubacher.

“In 2023, we will continue to work through the granting and disbursement process in partnership with the Council of the North. We expect to receive requests from retired clergy in need of assistance through the Council, and our goal is to begin to disburse funds to beneficiaries this year.”

Canadian Anglicans began to learn more about the plight of northern clergy when the Anglican Journal published an article in December 2020 about the homelessness experienced by Rev. Jonas Allooloo, former dean of St. Jude’s Cathedral in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

“Non-stipendiary clergy have made the church in the North viable and yet they will not receive a pension from the Anglican Church,” says Gail Revitt, past president, New Westminster ACW. “Our members felt called to respond to this housing crisis in a meaningful and tangible way.”

“The council is very thankful to the New West ACW and the other visionary benefactors,” said Bishop David Lehman. Bishop of Caledonia and Chair of the Council of the North— “The response to date has given so much hope that we may look to a future where those who have served the church are well-served in their retirement.”

—Michelle Hauser, AFC

To make a gift to the ACW Council of the North Retired Clergy Fund please contact Michelle Hauser, AFC’s Development & Communications Officer at [email protected] or visit

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