Diocesan parental leave policy updated

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By on June 1, 2021
Leigh Anne Williams

The Pregnancy Parental and Paternity Leave policy has been recently changed to reflect the ongoing commitment to fairness, equality and the importance of supporting staff during monumental life and family changes. 

Any employee who is a new parent through birth or adoption is eligible for pregnancy  or parental leave. Those in Quebec are also eligible for paternity leave according to provincial legislation. The Diocese has a SUB plan—supplemental unemployment insurance benefits—in place that now supports every employee taking one of these leaves. The SUB plan allows for the employer to provide  penalty-free top ups for employment insurance benefits to recipients of pregnancy, parental or paternity leave benefits.  The top up supplements the 55% of salary provided by employment insurance, bringing it to 95% of the employee’s salary for up to 16 weeks while on pregnancy leave or up to 12 weeks while they are on parental leave,  and up to 5 weeks while on paternity leave (Quebec only). 


The Diocese made this important change to support staff and clergy while they are going through amazing life changes that the birth or adoption of a new child brings. 

For more details, the policy is posted on the Human Resources page of the diocesan website. 


  • Leigh Anne Williams

    Leigh Anne Williams is the editor of Crosstalk and Perspective. Before coming to the diocese of Ottawa, she was a staff writer at the Anglican Journal and the Canadian correspondent for Publishers Weekly. She has also written for TIME Magazine, The Toronto Star and Quill & Quire.

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