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Diocesan Time of Prayer gathering introduces online resources

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March 20 Time of Prayer online gathering
By on April 22, 2024

Clergy and parishioners from across the diocese came together for the first online Time of Prayer gathering on March 20.

Launched at Synod 2023, the Time of Prayer is an initiative that Bishop Shane Parker described as “a critical first step as we seek to engage in contextual mission.” He explained to those gathered online that the term contextual mission is about serving the world that God loves. “We need to be in a place where we can see how God is already at work in the world before we can discern how we may be called to participate in God’s work in the world. We must listen in a new way to the Holy Spirit,” he said. “And so, at this time, in this time of prayer, we are listening for sparks that draw our attention to the places and people and situations where we might be called to offer our resources as a church, to enable the light of Christ to be present in our context.”’ He added: “And we will get to that only by taking a time apart to pray.”

The Rev. Simone Hurkmans, who co-chairs the Time of Prayer Working Group with Paul Mugarura, introduced other members of the working group — the Rev. Canon Ken Davis, the Rev. Elizabeth December, Paul Dumbrille of the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer, Archdeacon Mark Whittall, and Daniel Jerusalimiec. She also thanked Karen McBride, a postulant of the diocese, who was instrumental in preparing materials.

The Rev. Elizabeth December offered a tour of the Time of Prayer resources available on the ADO website, which include videos from the launch at Synod and new resource materials posted monthly. The monthly resources have four sections:

Pray – an opening prayer

Listen – a Bible study guide, which includes PowerPoint slides that can be modified and adapted to each context and the groups that are using the resource

Consider – a theological reflection related to the the Bible study

Inspire – an example of contextual mission from another parish’s experience

Several people shared examples of the ways that they are making use of the monthly resources.

The Rev. Canon Ken Davis said St. James the Apostle Church in Perth is using the Time of Prayer resource as a monthly Bible study resource in the parish. The prayer is incorporated into the Prayers of the People at Sunday worship, and a shortened version of the Bible study was used at Parish Council. They also began their vestry meeting with a Bible study in small groups. “There was a proposal made before the end of vestry. It was very exciting,” he said.

December said she has been using the Bible study resources at Julian of Norwich, where she serves, at their pastoral care team meetings, education planning meetings and other parish gatherings.

The Rev. Rosemary Parker sent word that St. Aidan’s parish has been using the Time of Prayer resources as the focus of a joint Bible study with a neighbouring Lutheran parish. “My thought was that we are in the same geographic area, are in full communion, and who knows what divine sparks might come from it,” she said.

Hurkmans led those who attended the online gathering through the Time of Prayer resources for April, using a lectio divina (divine reading) format for the Bible study to familiarize everyone with the resources.

More diocesan gathering are planned throughout the year.

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