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By on March 1, 2021

In May 2020, Bishop Shane Parker appointed the Diocesan Communications Advisory Panel, chaired by Brian Cameron. The Panel is made up of  The Very Rev. Beth Bretzlaff, Rev. Geoff Chapman, Jane Coutts, Rev. Gillian Hoyer, and Jamie Tomlinson. The staff resource for the panel (me) is  Jane Scanlon, Director of Communications and Stewardship Development. 

At the logistical level, my team is The Communications Collective (TCC): Heidi Fawcett (Social Media Coordinator), Cathy Kent (Webspinner), Leigh Anne Williams (Crosstalk Editor), and Jane Waterston (Crosstalk designer and production manager). 

Although Communications is Strategic Priority1 for the Diocese of Ottawa, it intersects with three important priorities:

  • The Shape of Parish Ministries and Buildings
  • Engagement with the World
  • Lifelong Formation, Worship, and Hospitality

The advisory panel is tasked with developing a three-year strategic plan. The vision of the Communications Panel and the strategic plan is “to employ vibrant, clear and timely communications, using all forms of media effectively to engage with its different audiences.  

“These communications will position the diocese as both a leader and an active partner with the parishes in carrying out God’s work and ministering to all communities in the diocese.” 

As well as communicating locally, the goal is to reach out to and engage the wider world.

Objectives for 2021

In 2021, the Communications strategic plan includes the following priorities:

  • to develop a new “brand” and a common look and feel for diocesan communications including a new logo and protocols to guide all of our communications
  • to update the website to simplify it and make it easily navigable for all target audiences
  • to ensure vibrant, clear and timely website and social media content to represent all of our ministries
  • to develop protocols for website content and social media posts to ensure they include opportunities for parishes to showcase their ministries
  • to integrate Crosstalk with social media and the website to ensure that stories are posted quickly
  • to feature and promote ADO On the Move podcasts

The new branding will be “unveiled” in the second half of this year so please stay tuned. In the meantime, the Panel will be working hard behind the scenes to guide this exciting and creative process along.

Please note that TCC welcomes people to join in their zoom meetings on Mondays at 11 am, to discuss any communications requirements or questions they have.  To join a meeting please send a note to  [email protected].


  • Jane Scanlon

    Jane Scanlon is Director of Communications and Stewardship Development and can be contacted at 613-232-7124 ext. 225

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