St. Margaret’s Vanier hosts a church school picnic, COVID-style

Rev. Colin McFarland and his new percussion back-up.
Rev. Colin McFarland and his new percussion back-up.
By on November 1, 2021
Jane Waterston

Young person with a percussion instrument“DON’T bring food!” was the unusual request sent out to St. Margaret’s families in advance of their Sept.12 church school picnic in Strathcona Park. Instead, lemonade in tins and small bags of chips (vastly popular with children raised on granola bars) were supplied. 

Everyone brought their masks. Isobel McEwen and her father Malcolm took charge of the scattered games, most emphasizing good eye-hand coordination, and an art station — all great for parents as well as kids. There was even a traditional coconut shy (Malcolm comes from England where they are a great favourite). 

The best part though, was Richard Kelley’s recitation and then singing in a circle with Rev. Colin — who came with shakers and songsheets. 

Although the children had not met up in more than a year, only the coconuts were shy. It was a happy time for old and young, revving them up for a busy set of Sunday morning sessions on Zoom, following a new (and so far great) curriculum, Illustrated Ministry’s Mini-Revolutions.


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