St. Thomas art auction raises funds for Water First

Stittsville artist Karen Davie with her water-themed painting.
By on December 2, 2022

Selling art is not the easiest way to fundraise for a cause, but the art auction organized by St Thomas Anglican Church in Stittsville managed to raise a decent amount of money to offer to Water First, a charity devoted to providing and maintaining clean water to Indigenous communities.  The total raised was $1,385.00.

Eight paintings were on offer, each one donated by a local artist, all of whom lived in Stittsville except for one person from Ottawa. The auction was open to the general public, not just the  parishioners of St. Thomas.  All the themes were nature-inspired with the idea of supporting Indigenous people’s connection to the land.

When Robin Tilgner, one of the bidders, was asked why she wanted to take part in the auction, she replied that she “was delighted to see what the money was going to and getting a lovely thing in return was wonderful!”


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