• Bishop Shane Parker

    The Rt. Rev. Shane Parker is the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa.


The Edicule, covering the site of Christ’s tomb

There is always more than we can see

The Risen Christ first appeared to women—as attested by the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. This striking placement of women in the very

Variety of calendars and a novelty clock where the numbers have fallen off

Spending more time in God’s time

As we begin a new calendar year, having begun a new liturgical year a month ago in Advent season, many of us will reflect on

Storm over the North Sea

When storm clouds come your way

Late last summer, while walking on a long stretch of beach off the west coast of the Netherlands, I was lulled into deep contemplation by

A view of the horizon from Masada, Israel

Stepping out toward a new horizon

There is a mountain fortress called Masada near the Dead Sea in Israel, on the eastern edge of the Judean Desert. The mountain’s steep cliffs

Purple wild flowers among fall foliage

Paying attention to the layers all around us

There are always many layers in nature, seen and unseen. Every human situation has many layers, physically and politically—and certainly emotionally and spiritually. Most of

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